E-Solution refers to any process that can be preformed by automated means through an electronically based setup mostly computerized networks. Such solutions could be Forms (e-forms), Support (e-support), E-Customer Relation Management (ECRM), Time Sheets, Sales, Purchasing, etc. A trigger by a person filling a form, from a machine, predefined time, some measuring tools, etc, could initiate e-Solution processing. Today almost any process could be automated and businesses can benefit from it.

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E-Solutions & E-Forms
Most businesses use forms to collect data from customers, clients, employees, vendors, contractors, system, specifications, records, equipments detail, surveys, business expenses, vacation requests, etc. The data and information so obtained then needs to be processed, secured, and acted upon for a variety of purposes. Effective E-solution and E-form processes are flexible and should meet an organization's needs. They are efficient in getting the input and producing the output, simple to work with and time savers. E-solutions empower you to get approval from everyone involved and collaborate among groups of people or departments.

Process management challenges are similar across different industries. Automation, reporting, control, tracking and auditing are all similar processes. Implementation of E-solutions can be customized to address each of these challenges. Electronic solutions are addressing many different business functions across different industries.
The Following are examples of common business areas that E-Solutions can help with.

- Procurement and Requisition;
- Web-based Form Submissions (customer support/ service, help desk, etc.);
- IT Change Control
- Invoice Management
- Employee and Human Resource Tasks (hiring, vacation, salary, leave requests, expense reports);
- Policies & Procedures
- Complex Applications & Internal Company Projects
- Review & Approval
- Requests or Work Orders, Purchase Order Submission, Accounts Payable
- And many more... 

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E-Solutions Key Benefits

          Faster Routing and Processes. Remove manual routing and reduce paper work to eliminate errors and shorten process time of your documents, content and forms by utilization of E-solutions that automate your workflow processes.

          Paper Systems Inefficiencies. Paper-based processes can be highly inefficient. Examples of inefficiencies include: filling out the wrong forms, incomplete forms, paper sent to wrong recipients, filing in the wrong place, etc.

          E-Solutions are Cost-Effective Systems. E-solutions automate processes and data collection. E-solutions offer best practice features that prompt users with selected data. E-solutions can automate routing, escalation, notification, and approval for faster turnaround. E-Solutions could be implemented as independent software applications, Web-based or mixed systems, so employees, clients/customers; vendors/suppliers can participate in the processes internally or externally virtually from anywhere in the world.

          Data Collection and Accuracy. Forms are designed to gather complete information accurately. However paper based forms leave the responsibility with the data operator to input accurate and complete information to other processing sheets. Obviously this process is open to mistakes and errors during these data transfers from paper to paper. These kinds of problems are eliminated by E-forms, companies can use a variety of field formats for accurate and accelerated data collection. With a click of a mouse, a user can select from predefined and previously entered data options in the form fields. This helps ensure data is entered correctly into the form. Fields can also be set up to calculate data using simple or complex math operations.

          Process Relation and Collaboration. Paper based processes don't link forms together, however, e-solution forms could easily be linked together and one activity could start another activity. This allows for a quality processes for a more effective and efficient management. For example, a change submission form can be launched directly from an order form, connecting one process to another. Required information will be automatically entered into the new form, resulting in elimination of data entry mistakes and other errors common in manual transfers. E-solutions create an easy to work environment that permits full collaboration within the organization.

          Automation of Business Processes. Within your organizations you have many different business processes. The Orayo Systems Server E-solutions can automate them by giving business users easy to use tools. There is no need to change the way an enterprise does business when automating procedures and work. Solutions allow existing processes to be mapped into powerful computerized structure workflows.

          Elimination of Errors and Miscommunications. E-solutions enable process consistency, eliminating productivity problems and errors due to lost or mishandled data. Predefined workflow architecture ensures that the same process is always followed for a project or request with an excellent tracking, management and reporting on running processes.

E-Solution Features

          Could be 100% web-based GUI or independent application or mixed;

          Routing of documents, e-forms and content are mapped into existing business processes;

          Some processes could be fully automated (All the way from initiation to result)

          Automatic routing to appropriate users;

          Due date monitoring with escalation;

          Automatic email reminders, task lists, Prioritization;

          Auto user task assignment to users with the shortest tasks in queue;

          Automated notification emails;

          Task assignment based on organization groups allow users accept individual tasks;

          Workflow administration and reporting facilities;

          Benchmark, Measurement and reviews;

          Branching processes functions based on conditions;

          Management capabilities for document review and approval;

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