Public announcement
We are pleased to announce the release of our Employment Management System an Internet based database system for recruitment companies. The system makes it possible for recruiting companies to manage their databases 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the office or remotely.

Key Feature
The Orayo Systems Employment Management System has been designed to provide a remote accessible database through the web. It is easy to use based on Microsoft® ASP technology and SQL® server database. Recruiting companies can set up this system easily on the Microsoft Small Business Server.

Recruiter: The web consol (GUI) provides the Recruiter with the convenience of creating a current work list of clients that are working with the Recruiter (employers and seekers). The Recruiter can check new positions as they arrive and to monitor seekers. This is all done via the consul. They can be anywhere and perform their work remotely via the Internet. It is also a collaboration tool for Recruiter organizations.

Employers:  Employers can also access the system through the Employers Extranet portal this facility allows them to add, remove or update their open positions.

We intend to launch our next generation of the Employment Management System (program-based application built on Microsoft .Net technologies) on or about September 2007. The new system will replace recruiters web GUI with an independent application.

For further details and pricing information please contact Orayo Systems Pty Ltd.

System Requirement
Microsoft® Small Business Server Premium



Humber-Ashford Associates joins with Orayo to provide training and support to UK legal firms concerned about the deployment of IT across their organizations to improve matter management and reduce practice risk.

17 June – Orayo Systems, a developer of IT solutions for the Legal industry, today announced their partnership with Humber Ashford Associates, a well known provider of IT training and support solutions to law firms in the United Kingdom.

We are committed to providing top level service to our clients in the UK, and Humber Ashford are well placed to provide training and support for Orayo Systems’ products. Their work in the legal world has gained them an excellent reputation for really understanding professional services."

Humber Ashford have worked with large and small UK companies in a wide range of different industries, helping them to find efficient solutions to IT requirements. Humber Ashford’s particular expertise in the legal environment has led them to offer a special type of consultancy service to legal firms, and the company recently hosted a CPD accredited event with the Birmingham Law Society, in order to brief lawyers about recent IT developments.

Regulatory changes affect legal firms:
By working with Humber Ashford, located close to London, Orayo is able to offer its latest purpose-built legal application – FileNote Management SystemTM - to law firms in the UK, which has been shaken recently by a number of cases where lawyers accused of malpractice have found their defence called into question, and who have relied on internal file notes.

Money Laundering regulations in force in the UK since 2003 present another threat to the profession – lawyers are liable to prosecution by The Crown unless their record of communications with certain clients exculpates them from potential charges.



Orayo appoints Ascertus Ltd to provide integration services to major legal firms and in-house legal departments in the UK.

14 June – Orayo Systems , a developer of IT solutions for the Legal industry, today confirmed the appointment of Ascertus Ltd as an accredited integrator for Orayo products in the UK. Ascertus is a well known integrator in the UK legal field, and has led the deployment of major IT projects across the sector, including to clients such as Barclays Bank.

Ascertus Ltd offers integration and project development support for a number of specialty legal applications, and the founders, Roy Russell and Steve Tomalin, have over 30 years of information technology experience between them. In addition, they have previously provided consultancy and project management services to many of the top UK and USA companies and government agencies, making Ascertus Limited a solid starting point to select software solutions.


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