Critical Information Management Systems (CIM)
Orayo Systems delivers best of breed software solutions designed to deal with the "Critical Information Management" (CIM) needs of professional organizations. We help make the legal, accounting, consulting, insurance and the investment banking professions more productive by providing software solutions that automate time consuming CIM tasks and reduce practice risks.

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Our CIM solutions are suitable for professional services firms of all sizes and types, including legal firms, accounting firms, consulting firms, insurance agencies, investment banks and any other professional organization that is involved with daily transactional interaction.

The diagram below illustrates the current inefficiency and risk profile across departments firm-wide in most organizations in dealing with critical information. The risks and inefficiencies are dispersed without proper central control and management.
Automate manual CIM tasks
Enable central control of critical information and critical information records (including archiving)
Enable multi-level access and cross team collaboration to critical information
Automate filing of critical information
Enable quick search and find of critical information
Improve critical information credibility

Our new “FMS Suite” of products provide a comprehensive and powerful solution to professional organizations in dealing with their transactional critical information. Our solution:

- Enables central control of critical information and critical records (including archiving)
- Enables multi-level access and across team collaboration to critical information
- Automates filing of critical information
- Enables quick searching of critical information
Improves crucial information credibility

The diagram below illustrates the centralized deployment architecture of the FMS Suite. To see it click on the learn more button.

Our FMS Suite of products can be used on a stand-alone basis or can be integrated with the existing technology platforms of the user. We will work with clients to provide a solution that meets their specific needs.

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