Software and solutions that enable businesses and professional services firms to improve efficiency and reduce practice and transactional risks. We are the forefront provider of innovative electronic management systems. We provide configurable, easy-to-use integrated Process-Systems to help client companies effectively manage their operations. Check Samples
 Custom Designs:
  • Web Portals
  • Office Automation Solutions
  • Workflow Management
  • Data Warehouse
  • E-Processes
  • E-Forms
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  E-Solutions Key Benefits:
  • Cost reduction, as staff will have more time to allocate to other duties.
  • Collaboration between organization departments.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Cost effective (Computer products are reasonably low price.)
  • Collect data and information directly from the source without mistakes (no duplication of data entry.)
  • Improves your organization efficiency by faster routing (Remove manual routing.)
  • Eliminates paper process inefficiencies (Wrong forms, incomplete forms, wrong recipients etc.)

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Most processes can be automated. This can save money.
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Orayo Systems Pty Ltd is a developer of enterprise-level process automation packages, e-solutions and content management systems for companies of all sizes and government bodies. We build secure, affordable solutions which save time and money for our clients. We can meet your bespoke software and office automation requirements. Our development team has years of expertise putting together e-forms and e-solutions and products to meet unique automation and information processing requirements.
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