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Support Services Tool (SST)

The Correction Delivery & Alert System SST software patch packaging and delivery system was developed for delivery of Telecom switching equipment Corrections and Alerts from a support organization to end-users. The system took an engineer software patch and created a correction delivery package based on vendor-defined standards. The package included ID numbers, the responsible department, the receiving organization, description of the fault that was fixed by the patch, loading instructions etc.

SST was also capable of receiving plain text alerts from support departments. SST formatted the text, added ID numbers and posted it on the Alert bulletin board web page and sent notification emails to all end users.

SST facilitated solution delivery, eased department interactions, reduced costs, provided 24*7 service and improved organization efficiency by 400%

Pleas review the following documents for further details:

User Manual (PDF document)
Administrator Manual (PDF document)

Return Material Authorization System (RMA)

Major electronic vendor corporations require special ID information attached to system components that are returned to them for repair or replacement. Customers contacting a vendor obtain this ID information by phone or mail. This helps vendors know what component belongs to who and why they were returned. The difficulty is office hours and mail delays. Additionally, most of the time, information is incomplete which results in difficulty for vendors and customers.

The RMA web based application provides a form with the required information that can be easily accessed by customers 24*7. The form is in a public server while the processing application resides behind the vendor firewall. The system provides a global service and the processor program distinguishes different receiving departments/organizations and updates different databases.

The application program checks the input box every few minutes for any received requests and on reception of a request processes the request and returns a notification with all the required ID information to the requesting customer and creates internal information for processing staff while storing all the information properly in the databases.

Pleas review the following for further details:

The form
More information (PDF document)

Project Management Engine For Web (PM)

The PM engine was designed to take care of all aspects of a project by using an automated follow-up system. After the project manager completes task specifications and inputs project data, the system itself  can keep a project moving by constantly monitoring progress and notifying project members of what is outstanding. At the same time, the system advises the project manager of issues at hand. The system also allows an organization's management to have an overview of project progress.

Check PM brochure (PDF document)

Telecom Vendor/Operator Outage Management System

This multi level product allows vendors or operators of telecom equipment to report a major disturbance or outage through internal client GUI that is maintained by technical staff on their desktop or laptop computers.

In the event of a disturbance or outage, a "tech person" will start his/her local application by filling in the required information and logging events until such time that the event is finished and all systems are back to normal status. The "tech person" during this time may or may not be connected to the company LAN. If he or she is connected to the company network, the system will automatically update management of the recovery progress as well as keep an up to date web bulletin board. During the period that recovery is in progress all information that is entered is stored in the hard drive as well as a floppy for backup.

Post recovery, all the information is automatically transferred to the outage management server and all sections of the system is updated. The management section has search facilities and allocates IDs to the case. It is observable through the web with statistics of all outages for In-service Performance Reviews by the company and record keeping purposes.

Overview Presentation (PDF document)
System Administration Presentation (PDF document)

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